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Contributions Policy
Areas Supported by the OfficeMax Charitable Giving Policy
The OfficeMax Goodworks Volunteer Program is the main vehicle for OfficeMax’s charitable contributions. All organizations must be a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization or an accredited nonprofit school, must benefit a community in which OfficeMax operates, and work in any of the following areas:
  • Education: OfficeMax understands the power of education. We are committed to helping education by supporting K-12 schools and teachers as well as nonprofit institutions that support K-12 learning. This may include the donation of school supplies, sponsoring recognition programs for teachers for excellence, or the underwriting of innovative school curricula.

  • Diverse Communities: We recognize the importance and opportunities of diversity. We support programs and initiatives that encourage development of minority and diversity groups in education and environmental education.

In addition, OfficeMax supports the interests of our Associates. This includes support for Associates impacted by natural disasters through the OfficeMax Associate Disaster Relief fund and support for organizations with an OfficeMax Executive serving in a board role. Currently, OfficeMax is not accepting proposals from other health & human service organizations.

Ineligible Organizations - Areas Not Supported by OfficeMax
The OfficeMax Volunteer Program supports only 501(c)3 organizations or accredited and nonprofit K-12 educational institutions. The OfficeMax Volunteer Program does not support the following:
  • Individual participation in events or fundraisers, such as walk-a-thons, scout projects, fundraising sporting events, etc.

  • Political or religious groups or causes

  • Donations to benefit an individual or a family, either directly or through a fundraiser on their behalf. This includes for medical procedures, memorial funds, and scholarships

  • Recreational activities, such as camps, sports leagues, bowling, carnivals, prom and graduation nights

  • Educational loans and scholarships, including sponsorship of student ambassador programs

  • Other grant making institutions, such as private, corporate, and government foundations

  • Animal welfare organizations or causes

  • Culture or the arts, including bands, plays, or orchestras

  • Transportation to and from events, seminars, or for cultural and foreign travel excursions

  • Capital or building improvements

  • Professional associations

All contribution decisions are based on this policy and are administered by the OfficeMax Community Relations Department.

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