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OfficeMax And The Environment

OfficeMax is committed to supplying our products and services in a manner with sensitivity to environmental issues throughout our business systems. Responsible environmental stewardship is a component of our success as a company.

From the sourcing of products to delivery, we strive to minimize adverse environmental impacts. The most important thing for an office products supplier to demonstrate in this area is product stewardship and good environmental practices.

While there is always more to achieve, you can rely on OfficeMax to continue to review both our service and product offerings, as well as our internal practices, to make sure we are taking care of our customers, our communities and our environment.

Read the OfficeMax Environmental Policy

OfficeMax product merchants are constantly seeking environmentally preferable products, including recycled content products.

OfficeMax is proud to have achieved the following environmental milestones:

  • The first nationally distributed 100% post-consumer copier paper developed by our company
  • The first nationally distributed 100% post-consumer color copier paper manufactured by wind power

The OfficeMax paper procurement policy presents our comprehensive commitment to take an active role in working with our paper suppliers to promote responsible practices.

Read the OfficeMax Paper Procurement Policy

OfficeMax is proud of the progress we have made in environmentally preferable practices and invite all of our associates, customers, shareholders and neighbors to join with us in practicing responsible environmental behavior.

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Environment Policy
Paper Procurement Policy
2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
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