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OfficeMax Paper Procurement Policy

OfficeMax provides products and services that businesses and consumers desire while remaining aware of and taking into consideration various environmental concerns, including the conservation of natural resources. OfficeMax’s Environmental Policy requires that we be sensitive to environmental issues and to minimize adverse environmental impacts while supplying our products and services competitively. This paper procurement policy complies with our Environmental Policy, and applies to our U.S. operations, including the sourcing for our products for these operations. It has been developed with input from stakeholders.

OfficeMax recognizes the importance of responsible resource management and understands that managing our supply chain can affect raw materials sourcing decisions. Within the constraints of good business practices and market conditions, including product availability, consumer demand, and profitability, we will continue to focus on protecting those conditions that contribute to biodiversity and other important ecological values with our purchasing decisions.

We expect our suppliers to:

  • maintain compliance with laws and regulations applicable to their operations;
  • eliminate products from endangered areas and work with appropriate organizations and others to identify these areas; and
  • track the source of paper products to the country, region, mill of origin or beyond when practicable and data is available and avoid sourcing our paper products from industrial forest suppliers that convert natural forests to industrial plantations.

OfficeMax will:

  • give purchasing preference to suppliers that provide paper products from certified forests whenever feasible, thereby encouraging our suppliers to participate in national or international certification programs;
  • continue to identify and support recycled-content paper and paper products, with a target of 30% average post-consumer fiber content in the paper and paper products we offer. This goal will be achieved within the constraints of good business practices and market conditions, including product availability, consumer demand and profitability; and
  • purchase recycled content paper for our internal usage.

We are committed to communicating about environmental issues with our stakeholders. We will report our practices and progress through our annual Environmental Report.

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