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A Day Made Better:
Working To Erase Teacher-Funded Classrooms

On average, teachers spend $1,000 each* on supplies for their classrooms every year. That's why we joined with Adopt-A-Classroom to create A Day Made Better: An annual, one-day event that awards more than 1,000 educators with more than $1,000 each in school supplies.

Since 2007, A Day Made Better has contributed more than $4 million worth of products to teachers in need. In 2010, we began to extend A Day Made Better throughout the year in order to involve even more people and communities.

Join the Movement

Through Adopt-A-Classroom's website, you can adopt an in-need classroom, and 100% of your donation goes directly to the teacher for essential classroom resources. Donors receive impact reports that detail how the funds are used along with personal feedback from the teacher and students.

Show your support for "A Day Made Better" by:

*Based on 2005 survey conducted by the National Education Association

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