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Request Support for K-12 Education

OfficeMax recognizes the incredible work that more than a million non-profit organizations do to strengthen communities in the United States every day. OfficeMax and the OfficeMax Charitable Foundation are focused on supporting K-12 education and the organizations that fall in that area.

Volunteer Program

The easiest way to obtain support from OfficeMax is through the OfficeMax GoodworksSM Volunteer Program. Through the program, leadership throughout the country has a budget to support a local volunteer opportunity focused on K-12 education.

How do I submit requests?

If you have a volunteer opportunity that would benefit from the help of OfficeMax Associates, visit your local store with a written letter containing the following information:

  • Organization and mission
  • Volunteer opportunity details
  • Amount of money, product or gift card you are requesting
  • Contact Information

Provide the letter to the store manager and you will be contacted if it is an opportunity OfficeMax will support.

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